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PERVERTS SLUTS FETISHISTS - Dominatrix Young Goth/Punk Slim Sadistic - w4m - 23

Reply to: pers-251174034@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-12-19, 11:38AM PST

A) Whoever is flagging my ads and the ads of my fellow *real* Dommes - cease and desist. Everyone has different tastes - so those who call me are unlikely to call you and vice versa. Some want a younger person, some older - some blonde, some with black hair - some thin, some fat. Get over yourself.


Mistress Obsidian Phoenix: 5'5" 103 lbs. 28A-23-30 size 8 feet, stunning blue/green eyes, pale complexion, black hair - wild woman, goth/punk girl... piercings and tattoos==yes.

I have had 5 years of experience both here and in San Francisco and Chicago.

For those just starting out on the road to submission I do offer lighter sessions to help you explore your interests - perhaps including OTK spanking, CBT, NT, Flogging, Paddling, Bondage, Sensory Dep... the basics, to help you get an idea of the kind of things you want to take further. For Fetishists - I have lovely unblemished size 8 feet, long toes, and am always perfectly pedicured. I accept gifts of shoes, corsets [see my measurements for specialties], and can corset down to 18 inches. I also love asphyxiation, gas masks, duct tape, smoking fetishes, enemas, slut training [suck it!], and have a wide range of interests.

For experienced masochistic players -I am a true Sadist, preferring blood play, sounds, catheters, suturing, play piercing, permanent piercing, scarification, medical scalpel play, branding, and etc. to more sensual sessions, though I love a good corporal and verbal abuse session [I have a bit of an interrogation fetish], and adore foot worship. I might be considered more hardcore than most, also offering g/s and roman showers - but still enjoy more standard sessions.

And if you're *really* hardcore... yeah. I can go there.

And if you're not - that's FINE. I don't have to beat the crap out of everyone all the time, I do have other interests. It all depends on my mood.

Gifts of cash, stockings, boots, corsets, clothing, computer equipment, books, coffee, clove cigarettes, wine, and etc. always accepted and appreciated. There is a donation button located on the information page of my livejournal for the generous slave who wishes to make an offering without expecting anything in return. My wishlist and other information can be found on my website located here:



-Purchase anything off my wishlist regardless of cost and get $20 off a one hour session [$180 for the hour]

-Purchase something with 2 stars in the comment line and get $40 regardless of cost... or a free golden shower [$50 value].

-Purchase something with 3 stars and receive $80 off a one hour session [$120 for the hour]

Or, if you just want to get me something and not expect reward, don't tell me about it. I love gifts, but I'm also doing this for you guys looking to save a little money.

And hey... if anyone can get me some *real [genuine] and good* Absinthe [order online out of country] and a carton of my favorite cloves [Sampoerna Xtras] and a box of dark chocolate - you'll get a free hour, b/c I love you. Only good for one person.

For updates on where I am, what I'm doing, sepcial deals, and what I desire - be certain to keep up with my Livejournal: sadisticblade.livejournal.com [no www]


Flogging, feathers, blood play [play piercing, permanent piercing, needles, branding, scarification, medical scalpel play, temporary design work], medical play [sounds, catheters, enemas, etc.], hypnosis, blackmail, interrogation, anything that breaks taboos, slut training, golden brown and roman showers, corset training, slave training, flogging, caning, CBT, NT, sissies, masochists, electricity play, foot worship, smoking fetish, death play, body bags, asphixiation, gas masks, straight jackets, duct tape and saran wrap [inescapable bondage?], rope bondage, tickling, slut training, corporal punishment, forced bi, and much more.

I rent dungeon space for sessions over 1 hour at a lovely discreet location in central Hollywood. And can do incall in Hollywood or North Hollywood with adequate notice. Outcalls are available *anytime* [even late night] in the Hollywood area. Outside the Hollywood area an extra donation is required for travel cost, depending on where you would like to session. Typical rates are as follows without consideration for travel costs.

I offer overnight sessions at my North Hollywood location *only* - please inquire through email or over the phone. And also offer phone sessions with pre-payment through Paypal or at Niteflirt.com/MistressOPhoenix

1/2HR - $100 [north hollywood only]

1HR - $200

1.5HR - $300

2HR - $400

etc. - base rates

GS 1HR+ - add $50

*Special* 15 minute GS - $50

1/2 w/GS - $125

RS - add $125 to all times

Overnight starting at $1200

Brown Showers NOT available. Sorry.

Phone Sessions:

1/2HR - $60

1HR - $120

Paypal button located on website.


Mistress Obsidian Phoenix

SerpentFlux at aol dot com

3 1 0 7 2 2 8 4 4 5


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