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The holidays are coming up, and like all evil beautiful Dominas, I do have a wish list:

DSL connection paid off for a year…. I’ll make the arrangements.

Information retrieved from the broken laptop. [a series of unfortunate events]

The broken laptop fixed? [new LCD screen, new motherboard, new keyboard – still cheaper than a new laptop]

A new good laptop. this will get you a free 2 hour session and the opportunity to accompany me to either Miss Kitty’s or Blacklist… A is a club on Friday nights and B is a BDSM industrial club on Sunday nights

An ad on ErosGuide [runs $50 for 2 months] – I’ll provide text and picture and you provide papers to fill out.

BDSM Equipment [towels, canes [$4 for 6 bamboo sticks that can be cut in half at Home Depot], more ropes, a chain flogger, restraints of all varieties [these can be made with leather and simple tools… sigh], fiberglass cane, rattan cane, scalpels [disposable or handle and a box of blades #10], hypodermic needles [18 and 20g – come in boxes of 100 for like $6-12 at medical supply stores online], a suturing kit, haha… why not. A violet wand, a set of sounds, disposable catheters, and a TENS unit or whatever other toys you think I’d like to own]

A decent sturdy black 20” corset that goes under the tits and over the hips slightly.

Or a specially designed corset.

Any kind of fetish attire, black. I’m 28A – 23 – 30 [just measured]… ask for more specific measurements. I wear a size 0 – 3 depending on the dress/pants. Or 0 - 2.

Fetish shoes. I usually wear an 8 – even simple stripper heels with ankle support, though boots are preferred. I can’t afford another boo boo [had a knee injury a while back].

Combat boots, comfy with steel toes.

Ginger Snaps 2 and the Prequel on VHS [or DVD if I ever manage to get something that plays them or my laptop fixed] – I bought the first one before all of you bitches when it came out. Clive Barker even talked about it when I went to see him in SF. I want the other movies motherfuckers.

New music – downloaded or on actual CD. I need new things to listen to. Darkwave, EBM, Noize, non-floofy drum n’ bass, industrial, electro, dark/heavy hardcore, a lot of low frequency beats, dissonance, resonance… not always chaotic and high energy, but some low energy – stimulating anti stimulants, and stimulants. I want new musics. I’m bored.

A new bed.

A new plush carpet.

Book on Latin – need to refresh my grammar.

Books on learning Hieratic [Hieroglyphic’s cousin] – they *can* be found on Amazon, but the only certain resource is from a specific site online. if you find the site, and get me the books first, I will offer you a free half hour session… there are 3 books I want

Something I can put over the opening of my shower that would turn it into a bathtub that can be easily removed and put back in place. Could be a big tub that fits inside with a drain hole. Dimensions: 40”x 25” – good for the handy slaves. Or the designers of kiddie pools.

A carton of cloves. Sampoerna Xtras.

A decent rolling machine for tobacco.

Strong Salvia.

Blue lotus.

Real Absinthe.

Red Wine.

Tales from the Crypt DVDs – any seasons but one and two. Watched those to death.

A new floor for my bathroom – to put over the old floor. Like those stick-on linoleum tiles and caulk to keep water from leaking through downstairs.

A bottle of Poison perfume.

A well crafted Statuette of Sekhmet [Egyptian goddess]

Any fine Urban Decay product.

And more.

Please contact me at serpentflux@aol.com if you are interested in providing me with any of these things. Though, of course, I am always thrilled with the heavy masochist who really hates to safeword…

And on a separate note:

if anyone is a tattoo artist and interested, I will trade sessions for *decent* ink. Send me samples of your work and an offer. Most of what I want is simple, and some of it I’m still working on designing. Mainly Egyptian pieces, a serpent or two, and simple designs. And, while I offer it, it’s hard to do scarification on one’s self – so anyone good with that is also welcome to contact me.


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